Family Fun In The Snow

I put on my boots, coat, hat, and gloves
and went to see the four inches of snow
I played with the snow in the back yard
but there was not very much snow yet

later in the day we looked in the front yard
and there was more snow than I had ever seen!
Me and my family played out in the snow
my parents built a snowman and I built a snowman

after that I helped my dad build a snow fort
the ice made making snowmen challenging
we began to run out of building snow
but we had just enough to make the fort

the next day the snowmen fell apart
I knew the snow would soon be gone
but I would look forward for the next time
I would put on my boots, coat, hat, and gloves

two days later the fort collapsed into a pile
so I sat bored inside with nothing to do
until, my mom announced that day
“There might be another snowfall tomorrow!”

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