Inner Space is Out of This World

“After drilling through 40ft. of solid limestone the bit broke into what is now known as Inner Space Cavern.” This is what a crew member of a road construction crew said as they unveiled the unfathomable, amazing cavern. It would be a very scholarly experience for our class to go here and learn about formations.

I truly believe that going to Inner Space Cavern would be an outstanding learning experience. There is a very intriguing
history behind it; a road construction crew was drilling test holes in the ground when the drill bit broke into the cavern. There are many formations you can learn about such as draperies, stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, etc. And you can learn about many minerals and rocks.

It is very entertaining and interactive. The tour of the cavern is absolutely amazing! They talk about bats and how different things are formed. And afterwards there is a neat gift shop. There are so many rocks formations with stories such as the giant’s castle where they tell the story of the giant king who resides within.

I believe if the class of 2021 is able to go on this trip we will be much more knowledgeable in the subject of formations, and much more enthused to learn about caverns.

Family Fun In The Snow

I put on my boots, coat, hat, and gloves
and went to see the four inches of snow
I played with the snow in the back yard
but there was not very much snow yet

later in the day we looked in the front yard
and there was more snow than I had ever seen!
Me and my family played out in the snow
my parents built a snowman and I built a snowman

after that I helped my dad build a snow fort
the ice made making snowmen challenging
we began to run out of building snow
but we had just enough to make the fort

the next day the snowmen fell apart
I knew the snow would soon be gone
but I would look forward for the next time
I would put on my boots, coat, hat, and gloves

two days later the fort collapsed into a pile
so I sat bored inside with nothing to do
until, my mom announced that day
“There might be another snowfall tomorrow!”

Logan the Inspirational

It was back in 2013, it was a brand new school year! I was a little depressed at first because I thought I did not have any friends in my class. But then I made a new friend named Yahir who in-turn introduced me to an amazing new friend named Logan. Logan is a very admirable person because he fights diabetes with courage and is a fantastic friend.
Logan fights his diabetes with courage. Just consider him having to miss a lot of class but he catches back up. Like one day when he had to when he had to miss school because of a diabetic appointment, then he came back the next day and learned everything he had missed. And having to tirelessly check his blood sugar every day by pricking himself in the finger with a needle. But also getting sick a lot from high or low blood sugar!
But through this all, somehow he finds the time to be an amazing friend. Of course he is really amazing like how he is always making humorous drawings and dances. And he is fun to be around like when i’m feeling sad I look at him and I start to smile. But most importantly he is always there for me.
And so now after meeting this wonderful friend, the boy sitting in the classroom is not so lonely anymore. Seeing Logan fight diabetes while also being a great friend makes him so admirable.

My 11th Birthday!

David's B-Day Cake!

The suspense of waiting for it began to overwhelm me! The clock seemed to move so slowly I was convinced it was broken. There were so many thoughts pounding in my head, what kind of pizza will we get? What presents will I have? Will I get a prize at the arcade?

Finally it had come! My birthday! We arrived at Pizza King and ordered some pepperoni and meat-lovers pizza, it tasted amazing! After pizza and cake we began to open presents.The first one I opened was an awesome Minecraft t-shirt from Logan. Then I got a Minecraft animal origami set, to which I exclaimed “wait a moment I have this one, now I can have two times the ocelots!” Thirdly I got a plastic creeper figure which I named Frank and stuck a mustache on. And lastly I got a card from Nathan, that probably came from the daughters birthday section.

Afterwards we went to put-put to play at the arcade, we got a lot of tickets. We each got a stuffed snake, I named mine Douglas (which I also stuck a mustache on). And so after that we drove home.

So then after all the fun, I started to play with my new legos from my parents and waited for the next birthday to come. The moral of the story being it does no good to obsess over time, for the times in-between have the potential to be just as golden.

New Years Writing

In this story I will be talking about three things that were really exiting for me in the year 2013, so i hope you enjoy my story. First we will take a look back at something very anticipated but still good. Ahh the last day of school a day that is both exiting and saddening at the same time. It was a good day with fun games and tasty treats.But the best and saddest time is leaving knowing that you’ll soon be a 5th grader but also thinking of all the great times you’ve left behind.Now that I think about it, it might be a little confusing thinking about how I passed 4th grade and started 5th grade in the same year but it really makes perfect sense. Why I decided to put this in my story you might ask, well passing 4th grade is a pretty good achievement right….. I mean would you rather not pass it? Well I guess that’s all I can write about this topic so I am going to move on to the next. Now i will write about something you can’t have a happy life without, friends. Finally it was the first day of 5th grade,but sadly none of my old friends were in my class.But over the days I began to make two new friends, their names are Yahir and Logan.It was great playing together and sharing information but alas life seemed dull and boring without them.But I guess that’s what happens when you have really good friends.Wow I guess I’ve chosen topics that I can’t really write much about……Ok next topic, I think I’ve chosen the best for last.Um well maybe.So the story is we parked like a mile away from the place where we were going then we had to walk there in freezing weather only to find out that we had to wait half an hour to go inside.Then when we finally got inside we found our seats and then sat there for 2 hours until the graduation was done…I am not kidding!!! But really the part of all that that was so amazing is thinking about how your sister is done with collage. Well that is my favorite parts of 2013.So here are some of my goals for 2014

. Work on penmanship

. Be more active

.read 4 new books Eldest, Brisingr, Crookedstar’s Promise and A Hidden Enemy

So this is the end of my story I hope you liked it!           THE END