I panicked as the rope neared the top
I felt the sense of dread as I nearly fell
I had an image of stumbling,
the rope snapping,
as I fell down, down, down

I tried not to think of that
I was at the top
I glanced a look down my biggest mistake
I wrestled with the thought of going back down
but my families encouraging looks settled the match

I felt a push
and off I was
the view was amazing
there was wind in my hair
I felt such a rush!

Then the zipline turned around
by now I was less afraid
I started to look around more
and then the zipline ended
I could not wait until my next one!

President Poem

Lyndon B. Johnson was born in Stonewall Texas 1908

He was oldest of his 5 siblings.

John F. Kennedy’s vice president.

Elected in 1963.

Lyndon B. Johnson.

Signed Immigration act.

He is the 36th president.

He became president after Kennedy was asasinated.

Lyndon B. Johnson died in 1973 from heart attack.

President  called it a day that will live in infamy

Entire attack made by the Japanese

A hero from the attack is named John Finn

Repeating their process the Japanese attacked other bases 

Lead to World War II


However not all of the heroes were recognized

Attack started at about 8:30

Reversing what happened is impossible but we can still thank the brave people that risked their lives for us

Battle ships that were destroyed are the Arizona,Oklahoma,Cassin and Downes

Offensive attack was sent back to the Japanese

Rubble of the Arizona was made into a memorial