Inner Space is Out of This World

“After drilling through 40ft. of solid limestone the bit broke into what is now known as Inner Space Cavern.” This is what a crew member of a road construction crew said as they unveiled the unfathomable, amazing cavern. It would be a very scholarly experience for our class to go here and learn about formations.

I truly believe that going to Inner Space Cavern would be an outstanding learning experience. There is a very intriguing
history behind it; a road construction crew was drilling test holes in the ground when the drill bit broke into the cavern. There are many formations you can learn about such as draperies, stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, etc. And you can learn about many minerals and rocks.

It is very entertaining and interactive. The tour of the cavern is absolutely amazing! They talk about bats and how different things are formed. And afterwards there is a neat gift shop. There are so many rocks formations with stories such as the giant’s castle where they tell the story of the giant king who resides within.

I believe if the class of 2021 is able to go on this trip we will be much more knowledgeable in the subject of formations, and much more enthused to learn about caverns.


I panicked as the rope neared the top
I felt the sense of dread as I nearly fell
I had an image of stumbling,
the rope snapping,
as I fell down, down, down

I tried not to think of that
I was at the top
I glanced a look down my biggest mistake
I wrestled with the thought of going back down
but my families encouraging looks settled the match

I felt a push
and off I was
the view was amazing
there was wind in my hair
I felt such a rush!

Then the zipline turned around
by now I was less afraid
I started to look around more
and then the zipline ended
I could not wait until my next one!