Logan the Inspirational

It was back in 2013, it was a brand new school year! I was a little depressed at first because I thought I did not have any friends in my class. But then I made a new friend named Yahir who in-turn introduced me to an amazing new friend named Logan. Logan is a very admirable person because he fights diabetes with courage and is a fantastic friend.
Logan fights his diabetes with courage. Just consider him having to miss a lot of class but he catches back up. Like one day when he had to when he had to miss school because of a diabetic appointment, then he came back the next day and learned everything he had missed. And having to tirelessly check his blood sugar every day by pricking himself in the finger with a needle. But also getting sick a lot from high or low blood sugar!
But through this all, somehow he finds the time to be an amazing friend. Of course he is really amazing like how he is always making humorous drawings and dances. And he is fun to be around like when i’m feeling sad I look at him and I start to smile. But most importantly he is always there for me.
And so now after meeting this wonderful friend, the boy sitting in the classroom is not so lonely anymore. Seeing Logan fight diabetes while also being a great friend makes him so admirable.

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